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Killed about 7 years ago, Needlebase was a point-and-click tool for extracting, sorting and visualizing data from across pages around the web. Killed about 7 years ago, Knol was a Google project that aimed to include user-written articles on a range of topics. Killed about 7 years ago, Google Wave was an online communication and collaborative real-time editor tool. Killed about 7 years ago, Google Flu Vaccine Finder was a maps mash-up that showed nearby vaccination places across the United States. Killed about 7 years ago, Google One Pass was an online store developed by Google for media publishers looking to sell subscriptions to their content.

Killed over 7 years ago, Urchin was a web statistics analysis program developed by Urchin Software Corporation. It analyzed web server log file content and displayed the traffic information on that website based upon the log data. Killed over 7 years ago, Slide was a photo sharing software for social networking services such as MySpace and Facebook. Later Slide began to make applications and became the largest developer of third-party applications for Facebook.

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Killed over 7 years ago, Google Friend Connect was a free social networking site from to Killed over 7 years ago, Jaiku was a social networking, micro-blogging and lifestreaming service comparable to Twitter. Killed over 7 years ago, Google Code Search was a free beta product which allowed users to search for open-source code on the Internet. Killed over 7 years ago, Google Health was a personal health information centralization service that provided users a merged health record from multiple sources. Killed over 7 years ago, Noop was a project by Google engineers Alex Eagle and Christian Gruber aiming to develop a new programming language.

Noop attempted to blend the best features of 'old' and 'new' languages, while syntactically encouraging well accepted programming best-practices. Noop was initially targeted to run on the Java Virtual Machine. Killed over 7 years ago, Apture was a service that allowed publishers and bloggers to link and incorporate multimedia into a dynamic layer above their pages. Killed over 7 years ago, Google Buzz was a social networking, microblogging and messaging tool that integrated with Gmail. Killed over 7 years ago, Gears aka Google Gears was utility software that aimed to create more powerful web apps by adding offline storage and other additional features to web browsers.

Killed over 7 years ago, Google Notebook allowed users to save and organize clips of information while conducting research online. Killed over 7 years ago, ZygoteBody, formerly Google Body, is a web application by Zygote Media Group that renders manipulable 3D anatomical models of the human body. It was 10 months old. Killed almost 8 years ago, Google PowerMeter was a software project of Google's philanthropic arm that helped consumers track their home electricity usage. Killed almost 8 years ago, Google Squared was an information extraction and relationship extraction product that compiled structured data into a spreadsheet-like format.

Killed almost 8 years ago, Google Sidewiki was a browser sidebar tool that allowed users to contribute information to any web page. Killed almost 8 years ago, Aardvark was a social search service that connected users live with friends or friends-of-friends who were able to answer their questions. Killed almost 8 years ago, Google Pack was a collection of software tools offered by Google to download in a single archive. It was announced at the Consumer Electronics Show, on January 6.

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Killed almost 8 years ago, Google Desktop allowed local searches of a user's emails, computer files, music, photos, chats and Web pages viewed. Killed almost 8 years ago, Google Fast Flip was an online news aggregator, something of a high tech microfiche. Killed almost 8 years ago, Google Dictionary was a standalone online dictionary service.

Killed almost 8 years ago, Google Labs was a technology playground used by Google to demonstrate and test new projects. Killed almost 8 years ago, Rebang was a Zeitgeist-like service centered on providing service to a Chinese audience.

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It was incorporated into Google Labs as of late , and later discontinued along with its parent project. Killed almost 8 years ago, Google Directory was an Internet website directory organized into 14 main categories that allowed users to explore the web. Killed almost 8 years ago, Google Image Swirl was an enhancement to the image search tool that came out of Google Labs.

It built on top of image search by grouping images with similar visual and semantic qualities. Killed about 8 years ago, Google Real-Time Search provided live search results from Twitter, Facebook, and news websites. Killed about 8 years ago, Google Script Converter was an online transliteration tool for transliteration script conversion between Hindi, Romanagari and various other scripts.

It's ended because Google shut down Google Labs and all associated projects. Killed about 8 years ago, Google Sets generates a list of items when users enter a few examples. Killed about 8 years ago, Google Hotpot was a local recommendation engine that allowed people to rate restaurants, hotels, etc. It was 5 months old. Killed over 8 years ago, Gizmo5 was a VOIP communications network and a proprietary freeware soft phone for that network.

Killed over 8 years ago, Real Estate on Google Maps enabled users to find places for sale or rent in an area they were interested in. Killed over 8 years ago, fflick was a review, information, and news website that used information from aggregated Tweets to rate movies as positive or negative. It was 6 months old.

Killed over 8 years ago, Google Base was a database provided by Google into which any user can add almost any type of content, such as text, images, and structured information. Killed over 8 years ago, GOOG or Google Voice Local Search was a telephone service that provided a speech-recognition-based business directory search.

Killed about 9 years ago, BumpTop was a skeuomorphic desktop environment app that simulates the normal behavior and physical properties of a real-world desk and enhances it with automatic tools to organize its contents. Killed over 9 years ago, SearchWiki was a Google Search feature which allowed logged-in users to annotate and re-order search results. Killed over 9 years ago, Marratech was a Swedish company that made software for e-meetings e.

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Killed over 9 years ago, Google Ride Finder was a service that used GPS data to pinpoint and map the location of taxis, limos, and shuttle vehicles available for hire in 10 U. Killed almost 10 years ago, Google Toolbar for Firefox It was about 4 years old. Killed almost 10 years ago, Google Radio Automation was a hardware and software service used by radio operators to automate song playing among other radio station functions.

After this purchase, the following message was posted on the on2. Killed almost 10 years ago, Google Mashup Editor was an online web mashup creation service with publishing, syntax highlighting, and debugging. Killed over 10 years ago, Google Shared Stuff was a web page sharing system that allowed users to bookmark pages and share it.

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Killed over 10 years ago, Dodgeball was a location-based social network where users texted their location to the service, and it notified them of friends and points of interest nearby. Killed over 10 years ago, Google Lively was a web-based virtual environment that provided a new way to access information. Killed over 10 years ago, SearchMash was an experimental, non-branded search engine that Google used to be able to play around with new search technologies, concepts and interfaces.

Killed almost 11 years ago, Google Page Creator was a website creation and hosting service that allowed users to build basic websites with no HTML knowledge. Killed almost 11 years ago, Google Send to Phone was an add-on to send links and other information from Firefox to their phone by text message.

Killed about 11 years ago, Google Browser Sync was a Firefox extension that synced information like passwords and browsing history. Killed about 11 years ago, Hello was a service by Picasa that let users share pictures "like you're sitting side-by-side. Killed over 11 years ago, Google Web Accelerator was a client-side software that increased the load speed of web pages. Killed over 11 years ago, Google Zeitgeist was a weekly, monthly, and yearly snapshot in time of what people were searching for on Google all over the world.

Killed over 11 years ago, Google Click-to-Call allowed a user to speak directly over the phone to businesses found in search results. It was 12 months old. Killed almost 12 years ago, Google Video Marketplace was a service that included a store where videos could be bought and rented.

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Killed over 12 years ago, Google Answers was an online knowledge market. Killed over 12 years ago, Writely was a Web-based word processor. Killed almost 13 years ago, Google Public Service Search provided governmental, non-profit and academic organizational search results without ads. Killed about 13 years ago, Google Deskbar was a small inset window on the Windows toolbar and allowed users to perform searches without leaving the desktop.

Open Source. July Missing something? March Fabric Another one bites the dust in 9 months, Fabric was a platform that helped mobile teams build better apps, understand their users, and grow their business. December Hangouts on Air Dead as a doorknob in 6 months, Hangouts on Air allowed users to host a multi-user video call while recording and streaming the call on YouTube.

taylor.evolt.org/kedar-baraain-mujeres.php Google Fusion Tables Done for in 5 months, Google Fusion Tables was a web service for data management that provided a means for visualizing data in different charts, maps, and graphs. October August Google Trips "Off with their heads! Google Jump Killed 6 days ago, Google Jump was a cloud-based VR media solution that enabled 3D media production by integrating customized capture solutions with best-in-class automated stitching.

Areo Killed 20 days ago, Areo was a mobile app that allowed users in Bangalore, Mumbai, Delhi, Gurgaon, and Pune to order meals from nearby restaurants or schedule appointments with local service professionals, including electricians, painters, cleaners, plumbers, and more. YouTube Gaming Killed about 1 month ago, YouTube Gaming was a video gaming-oriented service and app for videos and live streaming. Data Saver Extension for Chrome Killed 2 months ago, Data Saver was an extension for Chrome that routed webpages through Google servers to compress and reduce the user's bandwidth.

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Inbox by Gmail Killed 3 months ago, Inbox by Gmail aimed to improve email through several key features. Google Allo Killed 4 months ago, Google Allo was an instant messaging mobile app for Android, iOS, and Web with special features like a virtual assistant and encrypted mode.

Google Notification Widget Mr. Jingles Killed 4 months ago, Mr. YouTube Video Annotations Killed 6 months ago, YouTube Video Annotations allowed video creators to add interactive commentary to their videos containing background information, branching "choose your own adventure" style stories, or links to any YouTube video, channel, or search results page. Chromecast Audio Killed 6 months ago, Chromecast Audio was a device that allowed users to stream audio from any device to any speaker with an audio input.

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  4. Google Search Appliance Killed 6 months ago, Google Search Appliance was a rack-mounted device that provided document indexing functionality. Google Nearby Notifications Killed 7 months ago, Google Nearby Notifications were a proximity marketing tool using Bluetooth beacons and location-based data to serve content relevant to an Android user's real-world location.

    Reply Killed 9 months ago, Reply was a mobile app that let users insert Smart Replies pre-defined replies into conversations on messaging apps. Tez Killed 10 months ago, Tez was a mobile payments service by Google, targeted at users in India. Google Goggles Killed 11 months ago, Google Goggles was used for searches based on pictures taken by handheld devices.

    Encrypted Search Killed about 1 year ago, Encrypted Search provided users with anonymous internet searching. Google Site Search Killed over 1 year ago, Google's Site Search was a service that enabled any website to add a custom search field powered by Google. Google Portfolios Killed over 1 year ago, Portfolios was a feature available in Google Finance to track personal financial securities.

    YouTube Video Editor Killed almost 2 years ago, YouTube Video Editor was a web-based tool for editing, merging, and adding special effects to video content. Trendalyzer Killed almost 2 years ago, Trendalyzer was a data trend viewing platform. Google Map Maker Killed over 2 years ago, Google Map Maker was a mapping and map editing service where users were able to draw features directly onto a map.