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I know it's not much to go on, but still, somebody might be able to recognise it. I'm looking for a book my 5th grade teacher read aloud to our class.

No idea on name or author. It was about a young girl who became so terrified of the outside world that she built walls in front of the walls already in her house. She moved about this way. She lived with her mother and sister. Her father had "vanished" sometime in her early years.

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She thinks he actually did vanish but the book suggests he just skipped town. One part I always thought funny was when she started going through puberty and growing she carried grape jelly with her to help herself squeeze through smaller spots in her fake walls. She eventually does come out and join the world again. I am looking for a children's book. Story involved a married couple who wishes their house was bigger.

They are given advice to keep adding animals to the inside of their house, which makes their house crowded and feel smaller.

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In the end they are told to now take all the animals out of the house, and surprise, their house now feels bigger. I am looking for a book about an Elephant researcher who follows her mentor to a game reserve in New Hampshire and then flees to a game reserve in Africa and the mystery of who killed the child and it is blamed on the elephants. Kids on it I believe with a tall figure on the front. Then one day One of the girls go up to her attic and when she looks outside she sees the past.

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I'm looking for a fantasy book for about a grade 6-grade 9 audience. It is about a girl who can comunicate telepathically with animals, and her best animal friend is a seagull named Skark. I seem to remember that in this universe, everyone had a kind of aninal, or maybe only a specific animal that they could communicate with, but the main character could communicate with all of them.

I hope someone remembers this too! I am looking for a book that my teacher real aloud. Maybe late s. It was about a clothespin doll It was about the journey of the doll. Anyone recall? Thank you! I remember reading this series of books in grade school. I remember some sort of mansion and one of the kids was named Gabe. They were hardcover with purplish covers. I remember one had a staircase. Please help! This terrifies the wolf who runs off and never returns. I'm looking for a book trilogy about a high school girl who gets turned by a vampire while walking home.

She's visited by the vampire government and falls in love with one of the vampire agents sent to her house. In the series, she learns to get used to her new abilities, hunts down her creator, starts a girl vampire house and maintains a relationship. I know two of the three book titles are called "Fanged" and "Bitten".

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Please help me find this series! Having to do with a cave that people thought had a fire breathing beast that came around the same time midnight, but in the end turns out actually being a train crossing a wormhole thing in time. I am a true bookworm! I adore reading books. I can read up to five books in a week if I had more time, I would read definitely more. I can read not books only: short stories are a great choice to read on the go.

But it is an eternal problem to choose something interesting to read here and now. So I am reallt thankful for your pieces of advice! Now I have more space for searching the literary works I like and could like. Tastes may differ and really do so, that's life The blind man had a bungalow on the beach. There was another woman trying to win him away. The new girl and blind man get together possibly marry? There is a part where she lost an opal ring he gave her in the ocean and goes diving to find it, he was angry she was diving alone.

Eventually, he regains his sight.

There was a made for TV movie in the s called the people. It involved "a young teacher who goes to a remote area to work with a group of individuals who have isolated themselves from civilization and maintained an independent community, vaguely similar to the Amish or a religious commune. I loved it and would like to read it again. Does anyone know what it was called, or who wrote it? There is a book I read and can't recall the title. I believe it is a classic. It is about a boy and starts off with him meeting a stranger in a cemetery. It follows the boy through his life as he becomes a man.

He meets a woman who is a recluse, but wealthy and has a young girl living with her. The woman wears a wedding dress that is very old and worn. Any ideas? When I was young we listened to an audio book of a classic novel, it might have been one of the Russian classics but I'm not sure.

A man was trapped in a prison and his captor was demanding unreasonable sums for him to have things like clothing and food. He would ask for something and the fee would be a million dollars. I've wondered what this book was for years, any help would be wonderful. I think one of the pages had a beautiful illustration of a little blonde girl sat on a rock thank you for any help. Protagonist is a girl 2. She uses magic and meets a few nonhuman characters along the way 4.

The information I have on book I'm looking for is very limited.

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It's a children's book about a dinosaur and I think he had a babysitter that he was trying to scare all night to no avail. I don't remember very much more other than this. I was a young kid when I read this so it was published sometime from the mid 90s or earlier. I could've sworn it was a red cover but I really don't remember. Any information would be a huge help.

Romance novel about a celebrity and his ex who get kidnapped and placed on an island while being held for ransom. He uses his skills to build them a hut of some kind and they bathe in a waterfall. And eventually he woos her once again and they make love throughout their time on the island.

They signal a boat or plane or something and get saved from the island. The book I am searching for is about a princess who was taken at birth and believed to be dead but she lived because she was traded with the wet nurses daughter, so she lived and the wet nurses daughter died. When she found out who she was she returns to her home with jewlry to prove that she was the princess but the king believes she was lying and then he began to believe that she belonged to the wet nurse.

Through out her journey she is spending time with his right hand man who is supposed to get the truth out of her through any means necessary including sex and he does so and ends up falling in love.