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If that wasn't clear before, the amount of Hollywood hysteria over the election of President Trump has only served to verify what many already knew. However, the entertainment industry isn't the only field that has a strong political bias.

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According to Crowdpac, a non-partisan firm dedicated to political data analysis, there are numerous professions that have significant slants in one direction or another. Using federal campaign contribution records, Crowdpac tracked donations from various professions and found out where each falls on the political spectrum. Predictably, the entertainment industry led the way in liberal bias. However, other strongly liberal professions included: - Academics - Online computer services - Journalism While perhaps not surprising to some that tech, academia, and journalism lean left, there were some surprises in the data.

Despite strong left-wing animus in recent years towards the pharmaceutical industry, the data suggests that an overwhelming amount of those employed in the industry lean left. Similarly, despite the perception that hedge fund managers are greedy right-wing capitalists, the data suggests the profession is relatively split evenly between left and right leaning views. Of course, not all the professions researched skew to the left. However, seeing actual data to back up our perceptions is not only interesting, but does provide a few surprises.

Love, Mood, and Music: GEMINI represents the intellectual mind, where the faculties of the rational mind--analyzing understanding, and communicating--are at the forefront. They are mental magpipes. LOVE-If your mood to your partner is.. I am a physicist. I have studied how matter, energy, and forces work for decades. They are specifically engineered to endure brutal fires AND the structural damage of a few missing supports which were lost in the impact.

Never in the history of humanity has a skyscraper collapsed from a fire. Also, the only way a building could possibly collapse neatly into their footprints like they did would be if the damage was perfectly symmetric, and all support beams in the foundation gave way at exactly the same time That is not possible at all without timed explosives.

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Also, building 7 was not even hit by a jet but still collapsed. It was already rigged and ready to go when the third plane was supposed to hit it. But the passengers of that plane heroically overtook it from the hijackers and crashed it into a field in Pennsylvania. The deep state orchestrators still had to proceed with the demolition of building 7 though that plane did not make it there, else engineers would have found the rigged explosives during subsequent safety checks.

The evidence had to be destroyed, in other words I will also say that dozens of government-employed scientists also do not believe a word of the official story.

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  4. 666 Revealed, Book II : A False Prophet; A False Church: and America as Antichrist (John 5:39).
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Anyone that knows physics at a moderate level will realize the official story is impossible. In fact, the government forbade any physicist or engineer aside from the ones at NIST who were told exactly what to say from above from independently investigating anything, or from questioning the official story, because they knew we'd call bullshit on it.

So naturally we looked into it, we met up on weekends, we built models and ran simulations. Not many people in academia have called bullshit because they're afraid of being branded a "crazy conspiracy theorist", losing funding, and losing their jobs This has nothing to do with my political beliefs. This is purely a matter of physics.

The buildings were rigged with explosives. I am in no way disrespecting anyone that died on that day, and i have the utmost respect for the heroes that put the lives of others before themselves. PuertoRico rp deanoceans 4biddenKnowledge. Memes, School, and Hurricane: 0 Let there be light Wild celebrations erupt as power is restored at a Puerto Rico school that had been without electricity since Hurricane Maria hit in September Students and teachers at Academia Bautista de Puerto Nuevo had been in the dark for days.

PuertoRico seems to slowly but surely get back power! Family, Google, and Pop: The globalist-left controls our three screens: media, academia, pop-culture. Google is no different. Total race war propaganda!!! Adams was formerly the CEO of a very successful software company. He's now using his technical expertise to create GoodGopher which will benefit all "alternative" websites publishing TRUTH rather than propaganda.

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With your help, we are building the internet's largest search engine for those searching for information and news on liberty, natural healing, central banks, food freedom, advanced science and a multitude of other topics no longer allowed in NSA- controlled search engines. Good Gopher's Pledge of Integrity GoodGopher is the world's first privacy-protected search engine that filters our corporate propaganda and government disinformation. Here's what we pledge to all our users.

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    Ao Fechar a Porta , thriller de estreia da autora franco-irlandesa B. Paris, conseguiu esse feito. Jul 04, Jul 05, May 25, Jun 06, Tempo de dizer adeus.

    Robertson, S. Apr 08, Apr 11, A Rapariga de Antes. Apr 02, Apr 05, A Serpente do Essex. Mar 15, Mar 21, Sep 29, Sep 30, Deixei-te Ir.

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    Aug 31, Sep 18, Fez sentido, sim, mas deixou a desejar. Jul 17, Jul 21, Wells, publicado em A quoi servent les grands-parents? Bleger, J.

    Temas de psicologia : entrevista e grupos. Boff, L. Saber cuidar. Coutrim, R. Em Congresso Brasileiro de Sociologia. Cruz Neto, O. Debus, M. Washington, D. Dias, C. Rio de Janeiro: NAU. Kipper, C. Psicologia: Teoria e Pesquisa , 22 1 , , jan.

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    Lins de Barros, M. Rio de Janeiro: Jorge Zahar. Lopes, C. Textos sobre Envelhecimento , Rio de janeiro, 8 2. Moragas, R. Revista A Terceira Idade. Oliveira, P.