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The dynamic of consciousness active in the anatomy of the architecture of consciousness of the global manager is derived from neurophysiologic research. More specifically it consists in the assumption of a physiological-psychological analogy in the sense that the twofold structural and functional integration in human neurophysiology is translated psychologically as a hierarchized logic of integration of the intercultural C3 by the transcultural C1. It means that, in analogy to neurophysiology, the superordinate structures of consciousness permit the integration of the hierarchically subordinate structures of consciousness.

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In that sense the transcultural domain C1 subordinates the intercultural domain C3 and C1 has therefore and integrative function for C3. This physiologically derived and quantum physically supported dynamic provides the key for the integration of any form of diversity in its underlying unity. Both are concomitant and represent functions of complementary levels of consciousness in general and culture awareness and consciousness in particular. Changing from one level of consciousness to another integrates diversity — a change from C3 to C1 -, or manifests diversity — a change from C1 to C3. Both appear to be actualizable potentialities of culture consciousness and therefore require an awareness of human consciousness and its dynamics or transcultural intelligence.

Conscious awareness of complementary inter- and transcultural capabilities of human consciousness and its potential creativity are assumed to trigger a presumed metaphorical quantum effect that tends to codetermine the cultural context in accordance with the status of consciousness evolution of the cultural subject. The reiterated principle of an enhanced threefold holistic noetic-psychosomatic structure of man and its neurophysiologically derived axiomatic have been inspired by the late French cardiologist and consciousness researcher Dr.

The epistemological foundation of the dynamic of the transcultural dimension:. The transcultural macro-dimension that complements the intercultural macro-dimension of culture can be derived from a 5-P transdisciplinary transcultural approach, i. Let me, in line with our scientific-technical age of knowledge, select the metaphorical quantum-cultural reading of culture and its management: A quantum-cultural reading of cultural and intercultural reality suggests that specific data of cultures need to be complemented by the complementary momentum of cultures.

Both together allow us to view culture from two complementary angles and to state about the integration of the two optics: On the one hand there is the specific world of cultures with specific cultural data and coordinates based on empirical intercultural research, while the complementary optic is that of their wave dynamic and momentum. In order to integrate the two and to describe culture and its dynamics holistically, one has to leverage a neurophysiological analogy of twofold structural and functional integration.

Not doing so means lagging behind scientific paradigms in the sense that the particle approach to cultures, where each culture is attributed a particular numerical position needs to be complemented by its dynamic momentum. The former tends to be more static, is classificatory and divisive per se, while the latter is dynamic and integrative. Both together constitute the more complete cultural reality that performs better globally in business management and politics alike and therefore needs to be leveraged in our time of increasing globalization challenges.

Quantum physics has not only allowed outer space conquest but it can also enable inner space conquest with the totality of its cultural conditioning. In other words the intercultural aquis research output , as I shall try to show, needs to be complemented by the transcultural approach, which is a metaphorical application of the microphysics paradigm that has been inaugurated as long as a century ago already.

Therefore it is high time to translate this epistemological breakthrough discovery as far as possible to the sociocultural domain as well.

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Last but not least and based on an assumed concomitance of the cultural observer and the culturally observed, one is led to a form of a metaphorical quantum-cultural effect due to the ability of consciousness to actualize its potentialities and thereby to cocreate a cultural reality in its likeness. The entitiy which has been created in the likeness of the Creator seems to partake in the ability in turn to create a world in its likeness. On the sea of life with its as yet unforeseeable cultural waves the compass of comprehensive cultural intelligence is of vital importance.

It has the meaning and the function of a solid rock and anchoring. And with the derived quantum cultural formula based on the primacy of consciousness the solution of cultural questions seems to culminate in the nature and structure of the individual and its consciousness as the author of sociocultural conditions and processes. Ethics: Altruistic-allocentric, sustainable approach that thinks and acts in terms of each players long-term interests. Adler's multinational, global, international, transnational stages, alt. Ethnocentric, polycentric, regiocentric and geocentric.

On the whole the Profiler is a holistic diagnostic, analytical and profiling instrument for working across cultures.

It represents the totality of the field of consciousness of the interconnected inner-outer culture consciousness space of the global player in his management context. Due to the interconnected continuum of the field of culture consciousness the inner stance of the culture observing consciousness can contribute to shaping outer culture. Culture management tends to become consciousness management. Vertically the following levels of consciousness are present in the structure of the Profiler which functionally integrates it hierarchically:.

The totality of the profiler structure is subordinated and integrated by the top three dimensions. The quantum cultural effect allows to adopt the integrative transcultural or an intercultural stance alternatively or a combination of both. Quantum cultural consciousness is integrated by superquantic culture consciousness. The entire edifice can be viewed metaphorically, in quantum cultural terms, as waves or as particles: The wave concept is supported by the fact that the profiler consists of twelve octaves which in turn translate as value preferences along with associated behavioural patterns.

The more registers a cultural player can "instrumentalize" the twelve octaves cover the totality of the human culture and consciousness "music" the better his cultural performance will be, the ability to resonate and to enable resonance. The complementary particle concept also allows a reading as cultural particulars of players.

That is what traditional aggregate models of cultures provide. The vertical axis is an evolution-involution cybernetic circuit towards higher forms of culture.

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As one evolves within and towards the higher dimensions one can increasingly manifest the higher dimensional potentialities. The cosmic, noetic and the various cultural levels of the profiler form a hierarchy based on the neurophysiologic analogical principle of anatomic integration and functional subordination, according to which superior neurophysiologic structures subordinate and integrate lowers into a hierarchical unity. It is a logic of control and integration.

Therefore it is necessary to identify the superordinate level that can govern the subordinate; culturally speaking, a cultural metalevel which can not only control specific cultural characteristics but one that can govern the entire mental cultural repository with the sum total of its conditioning. The third level of the constitutional hierarchy of man could therefore be considered as a third millennium key to the management of culture. It is completely free and can set man free.

Music Begins Where Words End. Music in the Context of German Foreign Cultural Policy

In den Warenkorb. Model for the management of the change of the intercultural paradigm 3.

D8, Communication styles profile 1 High context-low context: Is information in the explicit code or is it implicit in the person? Bewusstseinsarchitektur und Kultur Die menschliche Bewusstseinsarchitektur kann in folgendem kulturellen Bewusstheitsmodell von Giddens veranschaulicht werden. Die Ebenen des Giddensschen Modells siehe unten sind: 1. Abbildung in dieser Leseprobe nicht enthalten Architektur der mentalen Software 1. Kultur 3. Die Architektur der kulturellen Ebenen in verschiedenen Tiefen 1.

Werte 2. Rituale 3. Helden 4. Symbole Eine weitere Sichtweise der Kultur wird im sogenannten Zwiebeldiagramm verdeutlicht. Die Beziehung zwischen expliziter und impliziter kultureller Bewusstseinsarchitektur 1. Werte implizit 2. Verhaltensweisen explizit Das Eisbergmodell ist eine monumentalere, plastischere, suggestive Gestalt des Zwiebelmodells unter Einbeziehung zweier interkultureller Akteure.

Arbeitsmaterialien des Autors, Die diese bedingenden Werte, die mentale Software oder die gruppenspezifische kollektive Programmierung, die allein imstande ist, diesen Verhaltensmustern Sinn zu geben, sie zu deuten und somit Falschattributionen zu vermeiden, befindet sich unsichtbar unterhalb des Wasserspiegels. Dimensional cluster C1: The domain of the transcultural space of consciousness: D 1 - D3 2. Dimensional cluster C 2: The transitional domain from intercultural to higher level transcultural awareness: D4 - D5 3.

Management of Cultural and Non-Profit Organizations

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