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Our instructors use slides, videotapes and demonstrations to augment lectures and classroom discussions.

Another Passenger Overboard! Why Do People Keep Falling Off Cruises?

Hands-on task-oriented sanitation training can also be provided for your galley officers and crew. In addition, training is available for:. EHA has the experience and expertise to interact with the CDC, Health Canada, local and state health departments or other potentially-involved government agencies.

In addition, we provide the required expertise for legal, insurance, and related proceedings.

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Members of our staff have been fully qualified in a variety of forums to testify as legal experts. Call: International Assignments. All Rights Reserved. Search the website. Inspection Preparation Services We utilize rigorous inspection techniques, based on the CDC's VSP, to identify problems, educate employees, helping to avoid re-inspections, and solve sanitation problems before they lead to an outbreak scenario.

In addition, training is available for: General Environmental Health Maintenance proper maintenance in child activity centers and ventilation systems ; Potable Water protection and handling of ; Swimming Pool and Whirlpool Spas maintenance of ; Integrated Pest Management; Housekeeping and Infection Control; Waterborne Illnesses both potable and recreational ; and Cross-Connection Controls. The seven-day, six-night cruise was scheduled to arrive back in Long Beach with its 3, guests and 1, crew on Saturday, November 13 until a crisis struck during the first leg of its journey.

Nguyen, Daisy, and John Rogers. Martin, Timothy. Stroller, Gary.

Roatán, Honduras

Ruiz, Mary. By early morning on Monday, November 8, , the ship was sailing in calm seas miles south of San Diego, California. At a. The blaze was extinguished within a few hours by crew members with the aid of the built-in fire-suppression system. No passengers or crew members were injured as a result of the engine fire.

The intense heat of the fire severely damaged the power lines housed in the ceiling of the aft engine room, which consequently made the forward engine room also inoperable. As a result, the destruction caused by the fire was much more widespread. The damage to the switchboard and overhead power lines prevented electrical transmission to propulsion, communication, and other operating systems, leaving the ship dead in the water.

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  • However, because most of the passengers traveling aboard Splendor were American citizens, Panama agreed to allow the U. The three parties would conduct a Spagat, Elliot. Journal of Organizational Behavior Education 4 9 full examination into the causes of the fire after first ensuring the safety of the passengers and the crew. By the afternoon, the U.

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    Coast Guard had dispatched three cutters and an airplane to provide aid and medical assistance to Splendor. The Mexican navy also responded with aircraft and relief boats. He publicly apologized for the distress and inconvenience of the passengers. Guests endured challenging circumstances including no electrical power, no Internet service, no refrigerated food, very long lines to obtain food, sanitation problems, and boredom. Air conditioning and hot food service were also unavailable, and the disabled elevators due to the lack of electrical power meant that passengers would have to climb as many as 13 floors to get to the food.

    Some passengers reported that plumbing was almost to capacity and that the odor in sections of the ship smelled of vomit. Heald, an avid blogger of johnhealdsblog. Heald praised the La Ganga, Maria L. Originally scheduled as a seven-day cruise from Long Beach to Puerto Vallarta, the new objective was to safely transport the passengers to a port as soon as possible.

    Within two hours of the fire, Gallagher had opened and fully staffed the crisis command center at the Carnival corporate office and worked collectively to aid the Splendor crew and passengers. Tug boats reached the cruise ship at midday on Tuesday, November 9, Navy was doing regularly scheduled training in the area. At the request of the Coast Guard, the U.

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    Navy resupplied the ship on Tuesday with 70, pounds of bread, canned milk, and other food including Pop Tarts and Spam, and supplies that had been flown from North Island Naval Station in Coronado. Watson, Julie, et al. Perry, Tony. Instead of the fine dining expected aboard any cruise line, passengers were served salads, fruit, small sandwiches, and canned crab meat.

    Interior state rooms were pitch black and stuffy due to the lack of electricity and air flow. Passengers passed the time with live music, scavenger hunts, trivia contests, and card games. However, bars were open and offered free drinks. In addition, Carnival arranged and paid for all necessary hotels and flights for passengers arriving in San Diego.

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    Initially, it was unknown how long the ship would be out of service until the necessary repairs could be made. In addition, Internet service was knocked out due to the loss of power. Passengers were unable to personally update friends and family of their safety until the ship drew closer to the coast on Wednesday, November 10, Passengers called home and sent text messages to communicate with family about arrival in San Diego. Sloan, Gene.

    Benabia, Jeff.

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    Carnival used Twitter, Facebook, and its Funville blog primarily as push mechanisms to provide factual updates about the cruise. In July , ICCL executives announced an industry wide position regarding the reporting of crimes committed onboard of cruise ships. This statement of zero tolerance for any crime committed on board of ICCL vessels requires the reporting of all serious crimes involving United States citizens to the FBI for further investigation.

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      So on board of every ship there is modern equipment for fire fighting and well trained staff. Maik Roemer Author. Add to cart. Is an ocean voyage safe or is there just a feeling of safety? It will be given an overview about historic development of safety regulations in ocean cruising and the role of media 2 Introduction Cruising has been the fastest-growing segment of the vacation business for the last decade, beating land-based resorts, theme parks, and excursions.

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