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Introduction chapter. Martina: It was there that Sonia says she learned to really connect with rural life…. Martina: There, the family learned to raise pigs and to defend the tomato crops from leafcutter ants, which in one night were capable of eating all the shoots they had planted. Martina: Yes, he wanted to start planting fish. Then, they added some aquatic plants and fish eggs…. Martina: Sonia loved this world of wonder and far-off adventures… But eventually, life brought them back to the capital, to Caracas. At first, it was because of a crisis. Martina: The whole family returned to Caracas to care for her.

After she passed away, most of them stayed. Martina: After decades in Caracas together, the family got into the flow of their new lives and their new homes.

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On the contrary, he loved to drive and Sonia remembers he knew the city streets really well. So everyone was a bit surprised when he started losing his way. Actuaba con inteligencia para esconder lo que pasaba. Martina: For a while, he was so good at it that even his children had trouble seeing that the disease was advancing.

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Martina: They soon discovered that not only was the disease affecting his driving, it was also starting to affect his performance at work. Nos dijo que mi padre olvidaba reuniones importantes o detalles de sus proyectos. Martina: Meanwhile, the political reality of the country was changing drastically.

Clashes in the street, food scarcity, and lack of medicine were making it impossible for the family to feel safe. Finally they made an emergency decision: they would all leave Venezuela together.

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Sonia: Mi hermana y yo decidimos salir de Venezuela con nuestra familia. Martina: But it was very different in other ways… like the way people speak to each other, which is somewhat reserved compared to Venezuela. And on top of this, her father —and their relationship with him— had changed. Ahora es diferente. Ahora somos los hijos quienes tomamos las decisiones. They sit on benches in the plazas and watch people as they hurry past. Sonia: Mi padre no recuerda el presente ni el pasado.